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English 1A

English at Mission College
Home | Grammar | Composition | MLA: Formatting and Citing

Extra Credit: Reflections on your Reflection

Extra Credit Group Presentations

Helpful Websites:


America Now: Companion Website

Noodle Tools

Weekly Homework:

Week 1 Monday Night and Wednesday Night

Week 1: Tuesday/Thursday

Week 2 Monday Night

Week 2: Tuesday/Thursday

Week 2: Wednesday Night

Week 3 Tues/Thurs

1A Week 3 Wednesday

Week 4 Monday

Week 4 Tuesday/Thursday

Week 4 Wednesday

Week 5 Monday

Week 5 Tues/Thurs

Week 5 Weds

Week 6 Monday

Week 6 Tues/Thurs

Week 6 Wednesday

Week 7 Monday

Week 7 Tues/Thurs

Week 7 Wednesday

Week 8 Monday

Week 8 Tues/Thurs

Week 8 Wednesday

Week 10 Monday

Week 10 Tuesday/Thursday

Week 10 Wednesday

Week 11 Monday

Week 11 Tues/Thurs

Week 11 Wednesday

Week 12 Monday

Week 12 Tuesday/Thursday

Week 12 Wednesday

Week 13 Monday

Week 13 Tuesday/Thursday

Week 13 Wednesday

Week 14 Monday

Week 14 Tues/Thurs

Week 14 Wednesday

Week 15 Monday

Week 15 Tuesday/Thursday

Week 15 Wednesday

Week 16 Monday

Week 16 Tuesday

Week 16 Wednesday

Formal Essays:

Formal Paper One: Keeping up Appearances Mon/Weds

Formal Paper One: Keeping up Appearances Tues/Thurs

Formal Paper Two: A Picture in 1000 Words

Research Paper: Monday

Research Paper: Tu/Th and Weds.

Sample Research Paper

Research Paper Opposition and Outlining

Putting Your Paper Together:

Lecture Notes: 

Opinion Types and Discussion Instructions

Thesis Statements

Essay Structure for an Academic Argument

Topic Sentences


Reading for Writing

Critical Reading for Writing a Response

Essay in Response to a Reading Format


Transitioning from an Article Summary to your Thesis


Owning Your Paper

Evaluating Sources

The Visual Expression of Opinion

Types of Appeals

Emotional Appeals

Emotional Fallacies


Logical Fallacies

Helpful Handouts:

Evaluation Criteria: Rubric

Error Log

Fahrenheit 451 Response Questions Packet

Academic Words to Replace Informal Language