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English 1A Tentative Schedule: Monday



Below is my take on the semester as of today. Major plans are given, as are major dates, but the schedule is skeletal rather than exhaustive. Not all due dates are listed below, nor are all class plans. Consistently attending class is the best way to ensure that you are caught up at all times. I reserve the right to alter the schedule if/as needed.


Week 1 (Feb 2):

Introduction to Class; Syllabus; Diagnostic In-Class Essay


Week 2 (Feb 9):

Thesis Statements; Purpose/Audience; Essay Structure

Thurs, Feb 12: Last day to drop a semester-length course (refund; no W)


Week 3 (Feb 16):

Mon, Feb 16: Washington Day, Holiday

Fri, Feb 20: Last day to drop a semester-long course (no refund; no W)


Week 4 (Feb 23):

Topic Sentences; Development


Week 5 (Mar 2):

Summarizing; Critical Reading and Glossing; Writing a Response Paper

Mon, Mar 2: Last day to file for Associates' degrees (AA) and certificates


Week 6 (Mar 9):

Paper 1 Assigned; Formatting; Finding Sources; Creating a Works Cited Page


Week 7 (Mar 16):

Paper 1 Explorations Due; Evaluating Sources; In-Text Citations; Paraphrasing


Week 8 (Mar 23):

Paper 1 Draft Due; Prepare for Midterm


Week 9 (Mar 31-April 4): Spring Break!


Week 10 (April 6):

Paper 1 Final Draft Due; Paper 2 Assigned; Midterm Essay Exam


Week 11 (April 13):

Types of Appeals; Paper 2 Explorations Due; Altering Quotes


Week 12 (April 20):

Paper Two Draft Due; Emotional Appeals


Week 13 (April 27):

Paper 2 Final Draft Due; Research Paper; Argumentation; Emotional Fallacies

Friday, May 1: Last day to withdraw from a semester-length course (W)


Week 14 (May 4):

Research Paper Explorations Due; Logical Fallacies; Opposition


Week 15 (May 11):

Research Paper Draft Due; Preparation for the Final


Week 16: Final Research Paper Due; F451 Final Exam

Monday Final: Monday, May 18

**Grades available by TREG/MyWebServices: 15 June 2009