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Week 4: 1A, Monday Night


To Submit:

·      AN Freewrite:  250+ agree/disagree

·      Topic Sentence (in class)

·      Development Practice (in class)

·      Glossing Practice (in class)


For Next Week:

·      Keys:  Reading Critically: 5-7; Summarizing:  134-5; What to Cite:  143-4; Development:  27-36; Transitions:  328-331

·      America Now:  Read

·      Body Image:  Is It a Serious Issue?:  47-48

·      “Here’s Looking at You”:  55-64

·      “The Pitfalls of Plastic Surgery”:  65-72

·      Gloss of either “Here’s Looking” OR “Pitfalls”

·      Fahrenheit Response 3/4


For Keys, just read.  For America Now, read all three.  Then, type up a gloss for “Here’s” or “Pitfalls.”  For F451, read for both 3 and 4.  Then, choose a question from either page to write your response about.