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Week 4: 1A, Tues/Thurs



To Submit:

·      Gloss of either “Here’s Looking” OR “Pitfalls”

·      Quickwrite (in class)


For Thursday:  Relax



To Submit:

·      Summary Practice (in class)

·      Transition ¶ (in class)

·      Group Novel Sheets (in class)


For Tuesday:

·      F451 Response 3

·      AN:  Read:

--“The Human Cost of Fakes”:  314-317

--“The Morality of Designer Knock-Offs”:  317-319

·      Gloss either “Human” or “Morality”

Read F451 3.  Then, choose one question and respond.  Read the two essays from America Now.  Then, choose one to submit a gloss for.  Put the main idea of each ¶.