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Adjectives and Prepositions (Words that go with Nouns)


Adjective: Describes nouns and pronouns.  Answers the questions What kind? Which one?  How many?

·       What Kind?: Descriptive adjective

Ex: My car is the filthy one.

Ex: It is a two—door car.

·       Which One?: Adjective that makes a noun specific (could be a pronoun)

Ex: Give me that wrench. 

Ex: He won’t take my money.

·       How many?: Numbering adjective

Ex: I had three miles left to go. 

Ex: Each step required effort.

·       Article: A, An, and The; Articles are adjectives because they modify their nouns.

Ex: I had to get a new Visa card.

Ex: It is next to the exit sign.


Preposition: Word or group of words that connect its object to other words in the sentence.  A preposition and its object (a noun or pronoun) make up a prepositional phrase.

Ex: I (subject) read (verb) over my notes (prepositional phrase consisting of a preposition, an adjective/pronoun, and a plural noun).

Ex: She ran around the corner.

Ex: I looked through the window.

*Common prepositions: In, over, under, across, behind, at, on, after, between, from, for, near, to, with