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1.  If singular noun, add ’s to make it possessive

Mistake:  It was Johns’ turn to take the kids to school.


2.  Possessive forms of pronouns don’t take apostrophes because they are already possessive.

Mistake:  The boat is their’s.


*The possessive form of who is “whose.”  Who’s=“who is.”

*The possessive form of it is “its.”  It’s=it is.

Mistake:  The man, who’s name is Mike, will donate.

Mistake:  Give the cat it’s toy.


3.  To make a plural noun possessive, add an apostrophe.

Mistake:  The horses stalls were filthy.


*If the plural noun doesn’t end in s, add ’s.

Mistake:  The peoples’ decision was to recall the governor.


4.  An apostrophe can also indicate removal of letters. 

Don’t, Isn’t, Didn’t:  the “o” in “not” has been removed.