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Articles from a database:  MLA page

Cite like print articles.  Then, add the following at the end:

·       Name of the database (underlined)

·       Name of the database provider or service

·       The name of the library with city and state

·       Date accessed

Cazeneuve, Brian. "Inside Olympics." Sports Illustrated 3 Dec

        2001: 80+. Expanded Academic Index A.S.A.P.

        Infotrac—Gale Group. Mission College, Santa Clara, CA.

        16 Jan. 2002.

Rosenberg, Debra, Lynn Waddell, and Suzanne Smalley. "A

        Troubled Teenager's Tragic Final Flight Plan."  Newsweek

        21  Jan 2002: 40. Academic Universe. Lexis—Nexis.  

        Mission College Library, Santa Clara, CA.  16  Jan. 2002.