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Citing Literary Criticism

Reference Book (Book featuring reprinted articles):

Cite like print articles.  Then, add the reference book information at the end as indicated:

Lawson, Brent.  “The Irony in the Cask of Amontillado.”

        The Literary Giant.  22 February 2004:  82.  Rpt. In

        Contemporary Literary Criticism.  Ed. Jonathan Malke.

        Vol. 33.  Detroit:  Gale Research, 2005.  153. 

Database Article (Article accessed using a library database):

Cite like print articles.  Then, add the following at the end:

·       Name of the database (underlined)

·       Name of the database provider or service

·       The name of the library with city and state

·       Date accessed

Rosenberg, Debra, Lynn Waddell, and Suzanne Smalley. "A

        Troubled Teenager's Tragic Final Flight Plan."  Newsweek

        21 Jan 2002: 40. Academic Universe. Lexis—Nexis. 

        Mission College Library, Santa Clara, CA.  16  Jan. 2002.