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The Complex Sentence

       One independent clause (Most important idea)

       One+ dependent clauses, including relative clauses

(Less important idea)

       One+ subordinating conjunctions (unless the dependent clause is a relative clause)

Subordinating conjunctions:Subordinating conjunctions relate dependent clauses to independent clauses:425; 438; 530


Ex:After I parked the car, I went in and got a massage.

Ex:The film that the theater was playing won many awards.


*Use a comma if the dependent clause comes first!

Because I was late, I didnít eat.I didnít eat because I was late.


The Compound/Complex Sentence:

       Two+ independent clauses (main ideas)

       One+ dependent clauses (subordinate ideas)

       One+ coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS) & one+ subordinating conjunctions (unless DC is a relative clause)

Ex:Because she ditched school, she didnít get the homework, so she failed the quiz.

Ex:I couldnít afford to go to the play that some of my friends went to, so I and the rest of my friends went to a movie instead.



He stayed home because he was sick, but I went.

Even though she knew all of the material, when the day of the exam came she was filled with anxiety.