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Death of a Salesman:Part II (1494-1517)


Find quotes for the theme or element that your group has been assigned.Be prepared to direct us to the quotes youíve found (to mark books).


1.Foreshadowing the revelation of the origins of the conflict between Biff and Willy:

1477; 1494; 1495; 1496; 1497; 1499; 1515


2a.Foreshadowing Willyís infidelity:

1485-1486; 1497; 1504-1505


2b.Biff & the American Dream vs. Individual Happiness:1477; 1497-98


3.False Pride:1473; 1482; 1483; 1484; 1498; 1509; 1516-1517


4.Millerís hints at what Willy is good at:

1489; 1492; 1498; 1499; 1501; 1503; 1504


5.There are three men in Willyís life who show him various things about success:Dave Singleman (1508), his brother Ben, and his brother-in-law Charlie.What does each show, and how does he feel about each?Find at least one quote for each that illustrates your point.