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Drama Response


Death of a Salesman (1949), Arthur Miller, 1469


*This response is worth a possible ten points.  The points will be split into two categories: content & accuracy.  Each category will be worth 5 points.  These will then be added up to equal your total.  For content, points will be awarded based on depth of analysis.  For accuracy, points will be awarded based on the four-error-per-page rule. 


Please type your response & format it according to MLA guidelines.  Your typed response should be approximately 300 words long.  Please include a word count.


THE ASSIGNMENT:  What are some themes you notice in the play?  How does the playwright use the elements of drama in order to convey these themes?  Identify and discuss one or two theme/element pairings.  Take care to give specific examples and to thoroughly explain your findings with explication/analysis.


Things to note about this play: