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Death of a Salesman: Social Commentary


What is Miller suggesting about the system?


WILLY:ĎWork a lifetime to pay off a house.You finally own it, & thereís no one to live in ití (1473).


WILLY:ĎPopulation is getting out of control.The competition is maddening!Smell the stink from that apartment house!í (1474).


HAPPY:ĎAll I can do now is wait for the merchandise manager to die.And suppose I get to be merchandise manager?Heís a good friend of mine, and he just built a terrific estate on Long Island.And he lived there about two months and sold it, and now heís building another one.He canít enjoy it once itís finished.And I know thatís just what I would doí (1478).


WILLY:ĎOnce in my life I would like to own something outright before itís broken!Iím always in a race with the junkyard!I just finished paying for the car and itís on its last legs.The refrigerator consumes belts like itís a goddam maniac.They time those things.They time them so when you finally paid for them theyíre used upí (1504).