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Developing Your Main Points (Body ∂s)


I.Topic Sentence:State the point




II.Explanation:Explain the point


III.Supporting Sentences:Give the proof

       Personal examples to show the pointís validity

       *Specific examples to show the pointís validity


       *Thoughts/Opinions of others re: your point


*Cite all sources!




III.Reflection/Analysis:Answer the ďSo What?Ē

       Explain how the support validates the point

       Explain how this helps validate your thesis

       Explain why the information is relevant


Important:Start & end every ∂ with your writing!


Development Example:


[Not only do horror movies help us to keep our socially inappropriate urges and emotions from getting the best of us, but they also make us feel more normal by providing us with worst case scenarios to which we can then favorably compare ourselves].{We may feel particularly ugly on a bad skin or hair day.We may be concerned over thoughts that we know are socially unacceptable (wishing for a driver to burst into flames, for instance).However, after seeing a horror movie, these things are brought into perspective, and we can move past them.}[A person may be overly concerned about blemished skin until comparing himself to Freddie Kruger.Someone who has thought something that a person would not want to admit to thinking (choking a family member, drop-kicking a yappy dog, etc.) may feel better knowing that she would not kill everyone at the prom Š la Carrie.]{Thus, a horror movie can rapidly and decisively alter a personís perspective in a positive way.This makes the trials and tribulations that come with the everyday existence of a human being that much more manageable, all without the exorbitant costs of therapy.Granted, you pay for the ticket and the popcorn, but you will no longer need Pro-Active, which really didnít help Jessica Simpson in the long run anyhow.††††††