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English 1B



English Composition: Literature Emphasis

Spring 2009


Instructor:  Margaret Juncker                                        Schedule #71501:  MW, 12:40-2:05p, MT-09                                                                            

Office and Phone:  MT-18; 855-5229                                                           Prerequisite:  English 1A                                                                                             

Mailbox:  S2-402                                                             3 Units of transferable credit to UC or CSU 


Class Website:


Transfer Info:


 Office Hours:  Monday/Wednesday:  2:15-3:15p, MT-18; Thursday:  2:30-3:30, S2-201 

*Thursday office hours will be held in the Writing Center, S2-305 (entry, S2-201):  You are NOT required to sign up for English 900 in order to make use of my office hours.  I am simply there to help out when I do not have students, but my first priority is YOU.  If you arrive and I am helping a student, give me a wave.  I will be with you the moment I finish that session. 

*Please feel free to request another time if you have a scheduling conflict.


Course Description:

English 1B will involve emphasis on composition and critical thinking with an introduction to reading and writing about literature and acquiring skills in interpretation and analysis.  The literature that we study will fall into three genres:  short stories, poetry, and drama.


Required Reading:

Charters, Ann and Samuel, Eds.  Literature and Its Writers: A Compact Introduction to

Fiction, Poetry, and Drama.  4th ed. Boston: Bedford, 2007.


Please bring your textbook to each class meeting unless directed otherwise.


Other Requirements:

  • A dictionary and the handbook (MLA and grammar) of your choice will be useful.
  • Hand-written work will not be accepted. 
  • On days we workshop, please arrive to class with 3 copies of your draft.
  • You will need a folder in which to submit your out-of-class essays and essay exams.

·         A small, personal stapler will come in handy.



Attendance and Tardies:

  • You may miss class 5 times; once you have gone beyond the absence limit, if you are not passing the class with a 70%, you WILL be dropped from the course. 


  • If you miss class or are late, you will miss the opportunity to earn participation points. 


  • If you are late for a quiz that has already begun, you may not join a group, and you will not be given extra time to finish the quiz.


Cell Phone Policy:

  • Out of courtesy for your classmates, please mute the sound on your cell phone.


  • Do not text during group activities. 


  • Please do not take calls in class. 


  • Your cell phone must be in your bag during quizzes and exams. 


Major Assignments:

  • You will be assigned 3 formal out-of-class essays, each of which will require outside research.  You will submit each essay two times:  One draft will be workshopped and submitted for points, and one will be given a grade.  Each final draft (three total), in addition to being submitted to me, must also be submitted electronically to Turnitin.  You will be given instructions regarding how to do this when the first paper is assigned.


It is Mission College English Department policy that an English 1B paper having more than 4 major errors per page will not receive a passing grade.  Please begin working on any weaknesses as soon as you get your diagnostic back.


  • You may revise the first two formal papers.  When you receive your graded paper, you will be given instructions regarding how to do this.  There will be a final due date for each revision, so make certain you are aware of how much time you will need in order to complete your revision.  Late revisions will not be accepted.   


  • You will take three in-class essay examinations.


You are encouraged, with all assignments, to be creative, stretch your writing, and try new things.  These things will be carefully considered when determining your grade on any particular assignment.


Holding time for a formal paper or essay exam is approximately 3 class meetings.   


Late/Make-up Work:

  • Homework is due at the beginning of class (NOT my email box) on the due date.  If you do not submit it at the beginning of class, it will be considered late.  Late homework is worth half credit.  It must be submitted by the following class period.  Work that is more than one class meeting late will not be accepted for points; however, I am still happy to give you feedback on work that is submitted too late to receive any points.  Late final drafts will be dropped one full letter grade; these, too, must be submitted by the following class period.  Due dates are final and will not be altered to accommodate absences.


  • In the event that you must miss class, work may be submitted during my office hours or to my mailbox, but in order for it to be considered on time, it must be there before the class the work is due begins. 


  • If you are absent on a day we have an essay examination, you must make it up within two weeks.  Please schedule a date with me to do so.  Due to the length of the exam, you will need to take it during one of my other classes or at the testing center. 



All out-of-class assignments, some in-class activities, and all formal out-of-class essays and essay exams are worth possible points; you will be awarded points based on the quality of your work: 

  • 10 points for in-class activities, homework, and quizzes
  • 50 points for workshop drafts of formal essays
  • 100 points for final drafts of formal essays
  • 100 points for essay examinations, including the final exam 


Extra Credit:  There will be a few opportunities for extra credit during the course of the semester. 


**Please note that extra credit cannot be used to move a non-passing student into passing status.  It can only be used to enhance the grades of passing students.


Extra Credit Opportunity #1:  If you receive CR in English 900, you will receive 50 extra homework points (worth five homework assignments). 

English 900:  This course is worth a ½ unit and requires that you spend 24 hours in the Writing Center over the course of the semester.  You will determine the times/days that you come.  There is no homework.  You will work on your writing skills.  The Writing Center is located in S2-305, which you will enter through S2-201.





Grades will be calculated using the following weighted grading system:


·         Homework, quizzes, and in-class activities:  20% of your grade

·         Formal out-of-class essays:  30%

·         Story essay examination:  15%

·         Poetry essay examination:  15%

·         Final examination:  20% 


You must receive a passing grade on one of the exams in order to pass English 1B. 




All work must be original work.  All formal out-of-class essays (three total), in addition to being submitted in class, must be also be submitted electronically to Turnitin.  If you plagiarize, you will receive an F on the assignment and will not be allowed to redo it.  You will also lose any extra credit points you have accumulated as well as any opportunity to earn extra credit points.  If you plagiarize again, you will automatically fail the class.  If you have any questions about Mission College's plagiarism policy, please consult the Mission College Catalog.




·         If you feel that your grade is in jeopardy or that you would prefer to take this class another semester, please drop yourself. 


·         Please make sure that you are getting any help you need.  Work on problems as you become aware of them so that your writing steadily improves.  If you don’t work on your writing, it will be of the same quality it is now.


·         If you would like me to figure out your current percentage for you, let me know and I will have it for you the following class period. 


·         Please keep all of your assignments so you and I can discuss any assignment at any time and so that there is never any misunderstanding regarding whether or not you have completed an assignment. 


·         Please refer to this syllabus and the schedule often so that you are always up-to-date.




Mission College makes reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities.  Any student who feels s/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss his/her specific needs.  Students should also notify DISC (Disability Instructional Support Center), located in S2–201 (855–5085), of any special needs.