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Error Log: 1B:  This sheet must accompany the final drafts of your essays in your folder


Excellent (1-3 errors per page)    Good (3 errors per page)    Satisfactory (4)    Unsatisfactory (5-6)    Work on it (7+)


                                         Diagnostic       Short Story Analsis      Story Exam         Poetry Analysis      Poetry Exam

                                    Tally       Total       Tally        Total     Tally       Total       Tally      Total      Tally      Total

AD:  Adjective











AP:  Apostrophe











AR:  Article











AV:  Adverb











C:  Conjunction











CO:  Colon











Comp:   Comparative











CS:   Comma Splice











FR:  Fragment











HV:  Helping Verb











MW:  Missing Word











PA:  Pronoun/Antecedent











PaPar:  Past Participle











PL:  Plural











PR:  Preposition











PrPar:  Present Participle











RE:  Rephase











RO:  Run-on











SC:  Semicolon











Sen:  Sent. construction











Sh/P:  Shift in person











Sh/V:  Shift in verb tense











Si:  Singular, only one











SP:  Spelling











Sup:  Superlative











SV:  Subject/Verb











VF:  Verb Form











VT:  Verb Tense











WC:  Word Choice











WO:  Word Order











WW:  Wrong Word











//:  Parallelism