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Writing an Essay in Response to an Article/Reading

*You may bring this sheet to the midterm

I. Intro

          A.  Summary of the article in its own ¶:

                   1.  Title in quotes

                   2.  Author's full name

                   3.  Author's main idea:  State it in your own words

*These three should appear in the first sentence

                   4.  Author's main points: 

·   Put the main points into your own words

·   Only include main points; no examples

*Citation is not required as you are referencing the entire piece and have already mentioned the author’s name.


B.  Transition:  Smoothly lead the reader from the writer’s topic to yours (Ex:  Shiflett makes some interesting points about SUVs, which do bear consideration.  However, looking at the severity of the effects and the apparent lack of real need for them…)


C.  Thesis:  Make sure it is strong and focused; state as fact!

Ex:  it is hard to justify owning one, particularly in America’s urban areas.


II. Body:

Main points:  Give each its own ¶, topic sentence and support 

·       Have at least 2-3 main point body paragraphs

·       Include specific examples to support your topic sentence

·       Add your own explanations and reflections re: evidence