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Writing an Essay in Response to an Article/Reading

*You may bring this sheet to the midterm


I. Intro

          A.  Summary of the article in its own ¶

                1.  Title in quotes

                   2.  Author's full name

                   3.  Author's main idea:  State in your own words

*These three should appear in the first sentence!

                   4.  Author's main points: 

·   State in your own words

·   Include only main points; no examples

*Citation is not required (entire piece; already cited author)


B.  Transition:  Smoothly lead the reader from the writer’s topic to yours (Ex:  While Richie makes valid points about who needs to participate in the rape dialogue, her method of doing so alienates the male reader, the very audience she is trying to reach.  Particularly offensive is her statement that all men are biologically predisposed to be rapists.  She offers no support for this, making a blatant assertion without any solid evidence.)


C.  Thesis:  Strong and focused; stated as fact!

Ex:  Despite Richie’s claims, there is nothing to suggest that rape is anything more than an individual tendency, not an inherent male one.


II. Body:

Main points:  Each w/ its own ¶, topic sentence & support 

·       Have at least 2-3 main point body ¶s.

·       Include specific examples to support your point.

·       Add your own explanations/reflections re: evidence


III.  Conclusion: 

Leave the reader thinking w/o introducing new ideas.