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English at Mission College
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Instructor:  Margaret Juncker
Office: MT-18
Phone:  855-5229

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Here are some links that you may find useful:

Mission College

Mission College Online Library Catalogue

Capitol Community College's Guide to Grammar and Writing: This site includes grammar power point presentations you can view!

Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling (Purdue University Online Writing Lab)

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation: You need not subscribe. Many of the features are free.

Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism (samples included)

The English Dept. has a Writing Center course that is designed to help you to improve your writing.  This course, English 900, is a Pass/No Pass course and a wonderful complement to any class that requires writing.  In order to receive credit, you simply need to spend 24 hours in the Writing Center over the course of the semester.  When you go to the Writing Center for the first time, you will be given a brief introduction to the Writing Center, an add slip, and a folder.  After that, you may come to the Writing Center whenever you would like in order to complete your 24 hours.   
The Writing Center is located in S2-305, which you will enter through the LC (S2-201).  Make certain that you check in and out in S2-201 when you come to complete your English 900 hours and that you keep track of your hours in your Writing Center folder.

Mission College makes reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities.  Any student who feels s/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss his/her specific needs.  Students should also notify DISC (Disability Instructional Support Center) located in S2-201 (855-5085) of any special needs.